Monday, 24 November, 2003

This weekend was well ace..

On friday I saw "Love Actually" with my mate.. Before we did, we went and got midly drunk at the Wetherspoons (welkin) in Liverpool.. When we got to birkenhead cinema i was slightly tipsy so i pigged out on chocolate Mr Green Emoticon The film was okay but not as good as I had hoped!

Saturday started off quite slowly.. Mel had work, so i went in to town to amuse myself for a few hours. I'm not a shopper so I decided on walking around the docks. The docks are nice in the winter and the sun peering through the clouds was quite a sight..

When Mel got back from work.. we went nosh 'n' coffee in Clayton square..

We then got drunk at the welkin again and then went up to Modo. In there we saw Jonny from big brother. I wasn't at all starstruck :| After a bit of pondering, we decide it might be a good idea to take peepo to Manchester's canal street. To do this, however, we required Carl since he would be our transport.. I'd never been canal street before so I was curious as to just how gay it is.. Emoticon Razz We arranged things with those two and peepo new male 'acquaintance' and we decided to go at 10 pm.

Mel and I decided to go to hers and prepare, her preparation was ironing clothes and doing her hair.. Mine was to drink plenty of wine Mr Green Emoticon

Much after that is hazy.. what i can say is that canal street is a good night out for all.. gay or straight.. i had loads of fun and i'm not gay.. Watching grown men doing silly dances is funny Emoticon Smile they don't take themselves seriously which is nice to see Mr Green Emoticon

I think i'll stop there because i don't know what else to say really.. Emoticon Smile I had a good weekend Smile Emoticon I hope you did too..

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