Thursday, 02 October, 2003

I've not really posted here in a while because I haven't really had anything productive to say Razz Emoticon

I take the opinion that if you don't have anything decent to say then do don't bother speaking.. though often this is harder to do in practice! Mr Green Emoticon So now i'm wasting your time and my time and making this post.

What's new in Simon's world?

I have got a developed a semi-working version of the pollard's rho factoring algorithm with the Brent optimisation. I've ordered Visual C# .Net Mr Green Emoticon. I've been out to the Lisbon and i'm off to the GBar tonight. Tomorrow is Claire's 21st. Oh yeah, I got paid too Mr Green Emoticon

My next post should be less about life and more topical.. i'm just finding a decent subject to write home about Smile Emoticon

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