Tuesday, 30 December, 2003

I'll tell you one thing.. the hardest thing to do when making a website is to make it look the same on any browser.. add this to the fact that people run different screen resolutions and things become problematic rather quickly.

I've spent most of my spare time the week working with this issue and am now pleased to say that ckwop.me.uk looks almost identical in Mozilla and IE6 at all the resolutions i've tested. I suspect the same is also true in Opera.. though i've not had chance to download it yet.

For most of you, the last two paragraphs are probably boring so what's going on in my life? Hense my random babblings! Still trying to think of something to do for new year.. Still slaving away on weight tickets at work.. Not much else to add really..

One last thing, I have a nifty derivation of the accelartion my nurf rocket undergoes during launch which i'll put in the misc section in the coming days..


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