Sunday, 05 October, 2003

Another typical weekend is unfolding in the world of Simon..

Friday was the joint 21st and 18th part of Claire and Nicola.

It was a good party.. I got rather smashed on straight southern comfort. I threw up, as I normally do, in the toilet and rather cleanly Emoticon: Smile I smoked for some reason too.. needless to say it was a bit hazy.

Saturday, I stayed in mostly but went the pictures to watch “Down with love” - It was better than i expected.. I’d recommend it.. Afterwards I bought New Scientist and the book “Utopia” which i’ll start reading shortly.

Sunday is my favourite day of the week, simply because it is the laziest day.. I’m probably going to get a bath in the next couple of minutes!! My Visual C# .net has not arrived yet due a postal strike Emoticon: Sad

Back in work tomorrow.. but that doesn’t really bother me.. Emoticon: Smile


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