Monday, 14 July, 2003

I'm just one short hour away from ending my days as a teenager...

In one our hour I will be twenty years old. Twenty! It just doesn't sound right. I'm not twenty years old. Razz Emoticon
Erk, its quite nuts really.. quite a bit to get my head around.. This to me is more important that a 21st.. Being alive 20 years is quite something.

I remember my 13th birthday all those years ago.. sitting on a mud-mound with some girl whos name i bearly remember but i was romatically entranced with. I remember saying that I was 13 years old and feeling proud. heheh.. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.. A story that was repeated for a good portion of my teen years.

I remember another failed romantic attraction that occured on my 15th birthday.. which also ended in dismal failure.. My birthday, it seems, has cosmic fate at its core..

My 18th birthday saw my rebirth with my brother helping me through a difficult time.. I remember my birthdays..

My 19th birthday was quite cool too.. Mel made me a cake which rocked.. with a bloody big chicken on it Mr Green Emoticon

Is this birthday going to be any good? God knows.. i hope to hell it is Razz Emoticon
tbh.. i feel a bit depressed about it all.. This year.. its not going to be so special and my friends are going through a difficult time. meh..

There is much to look forward too though in this year.. I move in on september Razz Emoticon I still have alot of good buddies.. Hopefully i'll be writing something like this next year when i'm 21 Razz Emoticon
Peace out,

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