Friday, 18 March, 2005

Why is everyone so glum? I read the blogs of colleagues and friends and they all make for depressing reading. I suppose it's better that these feelings be expressed in public than bottled up inside but I just want to hear at least some of my friend telling their tales about how they're "getting out there" and celebrating their life rather than paying lip service to it. :P

Whatever depresses you, free yourselves from it. We are young, naive and feckless. Your life is short and spending these precious years being reflective and depressed is ill advised. You and I will only get the chance to be young, naive and feckless once. All that I ask of each of you is to take it upon yourselves to embrace our collective stupidty and move to the future with courage and convinction. In times of hardship, do not acquiesce to the fear and despair that so oftenly gets paraded on your blogs - instead look to your friends and let them enrich you.

People seem to have profound trouble with handling change in their lives. They start from the premise that change is bad. They see their lives now as a sea of discontent. They see the past through a rose-tinted prism and upon comparing the two images they are overcome with a sense of remorse for the life which has since slid into the sea.

It's a line of logic that I defiantly call "bullshit" on. In life, we may have control of the rudder but it is ultimately the winds of change that dictate our course. This is the essence of life, we may strut and fret our hour upon the stage but at least arrive at the final curtain with a feeling of fufilment. As a person, you have the dichotomy of either accepting the reality of the situation or being ship-wrecked in the past. Which side of the divide do you want to find yourselves on?


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