Saturday, 11 October, 2003

What is a righteous man? The dictionary defines righteous in this context as having a sense of morality.. Morality, of course, is a subjective matter so we’re left with the rather unsatisfying conclusion that the righteous man, per se, does not exist.

It is up to each man to judge his path by his own moral compass.. I’ve often heard the adage that “nice guys finish last”.. This may or may not be true but let’s assume for a second it is. What’s wrong with finishing last anyway? Surely the nice man would understand that finishing first isn’t the important thing.. indeed, finishing at all isn’t important either. Nice guys may finish last not because they’re at a disadvantage but precisely because they’re not..

Christianity has got me a bit railed at the moment. The concept of original sin is a bit of a nutty idea. It basically states that man is born with sin. Sin that can only be cleansed by baptism.. First of all, Sin is very subjective.. Secondly, I’d prefer to believe that man is born good and is corrupted by society. Man is born free yet is everywhere in chains and all that jazz.

I just thought i’d rant anyway Emoticon: Wink..


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