Friday, 31 October, 2003

Yep.. there’s a fancy dress party at my house tonight.. lol.. it’s going to rule. Peepo’s going as “Gay Man”, I’m going as a transsexual and Mel’s going as Stripey girl.. (god, stripey girl’s so lame Emoticon: Green Wide Smile j/k)

I have no idea what other people are going as but i’m taking my camera so expect some funky photos in the coming days Emoticon: Green Wide Smile

I’m taking seriously the possibility of taking down my Cryptography section.. The thing is, it’s been done before in the form of Applied Cryptography and The handbook of applied cryptography - Both written by very experienced security professionals and they generally have better writing skills! I might replace it with a less formal FAQ on cryptography which will take less time to write.

I’m also considering adding a section on programming in general. This would effectively expand the software section in to a broader programming section. My first language guide will probably be SQL since it has relatively few commands and they are easily demonstrated.

I’d like to take a moment to CONGRATULATE MEL for getting a job Emoticon: Big Grin.. Everyone who reads this, have a wonderful weekend and i’ll probably back at the blogger Sunday night!


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