Monday, 10 October, 2005

On Saturday I went to Doof's house to play poker. As with any poker match I play it was Texan Holdem, no pot limit, tournament play. Each of the players pitched in a tenner to make a prize fund of £50. Only one person was going to walk away with the prize and that man was Ste. Good effort Ste!

I would say that Ste and myself were the best of a pretty bad bunch of players but between me and Ste I'd say that Ste was probably out in front. He took me out when I went all-in with two-pair when he possessed the nuts. What the fuck was I thinking? It just shows the idiocy that alcohol can induce in a person and that is a mistake I will be sure not to repeat.

I think I can speak for everybody when I can say that the night was pretty damn enjoyable. Even for a prize of fifty quid, the tension was pretty harsh. It was the most exciting poker match that I have played yet. I hope strongly that we meet up to do Poker nights like that more often. Doof's is an obvious venue for such meetings but there's no reason why it couldn't be done elsewhere. Once I have my own place, I expect I'll host these matches on a fairly regular basis.

You can view the images of the event here which are here courtesy of Chris' photographic skills. The images on my site are somewhat shrunk so they're quicker to download. You can get the full images directly from Chris' site by going to here.


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