Sunday, 16 November, 2003

Well this weekend was cool.. Thanks to my loan i now have a huge amount more money than I did so i’ve had a rather fun weekend Emoticon: Green Wide Smile

Friday I went went a superfriend party that was kinda funky.. I got shit faced on Vodka and a cheap redbull rip off.. Kick :|..

The night degraded slightly when i did something that perhaps i shouldn’t have done.. but luckily it didn’t ruin the night..

There was a pseudo-gay orgy which was slightly disturbing.. though i don’t remember it too well.. perhaps that’s for the best.. Emoticon: Green Wide Smile

Unfortunately, i don’t have any pictures which sucks but it’s all good anyway.

I went home at 3 AM but i couldn’t sleep so we went back to melmos at about 7 AM.. I then slept till 12PM.. Emoticon: Razz

The next day, MelOn and I went to liverpool town and got tickets for the phil that night.. Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky.. Emoticon: Smile Good old ruskies..

The pianist was something else.. i’ve seen quite alot of concerts over the years.. indeed i’ve performed in around 50 of them myself but i have never seen a pianist (live) that was quite as good as this one.. this was a top class pianist but that’s what i’d expect from the liverpool phil.

It’s sad actually.. i’d hate to see classical music fade out just because it’s not popular. The skill these people demonstrate is often an order of magnitude greater than their contemporary counterparts..

That’s why I’ll happily give my £5 over to see such world class performers do their stuff - i want my kids and their kids to at least have the chance to listen to this stuff.. Hopefully, by going and listening, i can help keep it alive.. It’s not that i’m a huge fan.. it’s just I feel culture is falling victim to capitalism.

Well, overall, i had a great weekend so i’ll stop babbling.. hehe


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