Wednesday, 26 November, 2003

Well, i've had a weird night.. I've been browsing the internet as normal and a came across the usenet group: alt.suicide.methods and

Morbid curiosity of course made me flick through what some of the people have said. They dynamic in these groups is odd. There is kind of a weird tension between their solidarity and they're willingless to depart this world and their comrads in arms.

They seem to focus a huge amount on their own demise. Perhaps, because, it's the one thing in their lives they have absolute control over. Emoticon Sad

It seems the members of these usenet groups are trying to find an exit strategy that has the following properties:

It seems, for most the last of the criteria is the trickiest. There are alot of things that will kill you painlessly and leave you unmarked but they're generally hard to get hold of. Barbituates are a common favourite. They used to be prescribed as sleeping pills but after a spate of misues they're hard to come by.

Naturally, thinks like Heroin overdoses are quite high on their list.. Actually, these people are quite inventive.

For example, it's relatively easy to get formic acid (wood varnish) and you can obtain sulphuric acid from your car battery. Mix the two and you get Carbon monoxide - a high poisonous gas - 3-4 deep breaths of this stuff at 100% concentration will kill.

Anyway.. this is all a bit morbid.. I love the internet though.. Freedom of speech means just that.. freedom of speech. For better or for worse.. it's good that people are free to discuss these issues. If these people are hell bent on dying then they should at least have the knowledge to do it painlessly Emoticon Sad

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