Thursday, 04 December, 2003

Today I announce a new program i'm writing. It's called Jindu (Pronounced Gin-Doo)..

It's a Web Server with a difference.. Rather than reading files straight from a disk, all the pages are stored within the Jindu main exe.

Clearly, Jindu is an open source bit of kit. In IIS, ASP was required precisely for the reason it is closed source. If you wanted dynamic pages - you needed a scripting language.. This is a very complicated thing to program and this is why I believe IIS is insecure..

In my opinion, it's selling the Emperor his robes.. I say, why not give Web Admins the source code and let them build their own server with the dynamic page generated by their own modified Jindu server?

That's the key idea behind Jindu and I hope that someday I'll demonstrate this concept with this very website.


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