Sunday, 07 December, 2003

Lol Razz Emoticon I had a dream a few nights back that I was an advisor to Saddam Hussein and he ordered me to tell him to give him an exact definition of the "metre"...

Well just for Saddam, here it is.. the official definition of the metre:

"the length of the path travelled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second"

This weekend was fun.. I watched the film, SWAT, with Mel and we went the library. It's been very chilly too.. I don't think I was designed for the cold to be honest.. I'm gonna move to the sunshine state when i'm older Emoticon Smile

Got a letter from the credit card company.. Apparently they haven't recieved payment which is odd Razz Emoticon cause i always send payment Razz Emoticon.. I suspect what's happened is that i've sent payment to the wrong card.. Grrr I hate credit cards Razz Emoticon

This week is gonna RULE! We have the physoc christmas party on Wednesday which cooks ass Smile Emoticon I have thursday off work.. Which kicks-ass.. and.. and.. erm Sad Emoticon no more and.. It's just gonna rule.

About this site: Erm.. I think my next article is gonna be about crytographic key sizes and what they mean.. Either that or Special Relativity. I've upgraded my space aswell, so i now have ASP.NET.. This means the few readers I have will be able to interact with my site better Smile Emoticon

hehe.. I hope your all having fun Smile Emoticon

Oh yeah, and prepare for the vapourware release of Jindu Razz Emoticon

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