Friday, 26 December, 2003

Well everyone.. It's christmas.. or it was a few minutes ago.. So here's my summary of the day!

7.30 AM Sally wakes me up because it's time to open the presents.. at least in her eyes.. i'm hung over from the wine i had the previous day and wanted to use christmas to make up lost sleep - fat chance Sad Emoticon

7.30 to 8.30 AM We get down stairs and open presents.. I get an asortment of useful things.. my favourites include a comfy watch and a pump and go rocket thingy.. I get underware and an electric toothbrush aswell..

8.30 to 10.30 AM I go back to bed and sleep

10.30 to 12.30 We get ready and go to our grandma's. house.. it's nice.. we exchange presents and I have a couple of glasses of pepsi to wake me up Smile Emoticon

12.30-4.00pm Our other grandma comes around for christmas tea.. We had turkey, peas, carrots, and gravy.. mmm.. not a big fan of veg.. haven't really eaten it properly in months but i made the effort and it was nice Smile Emoticon Drank lots of wine!

4.00pm till 8.30 pm I went to sleep.. ahhhhhh sleep

8.30 till late Amy and Andy came around with baby Joy (who is staying for the night) and wished us a happy christmas. We an evening meal with them but Amy is unwell so she goes home early with Andy.. I spent the rest of the night refining this site a little.. it's still a bit funny since the database corruption lastweek..

It's been a good christmas and I hope everyone who reads this entry has had a good Christmas. We should now all look forward to the new year.. I certainly am Smile Emoticon

Season's Greetings,

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