Sunday, 28 December, 2003

A roadmap for the site in 2004

As you've probably noticed I've made some small adjustments to the site.. There's been more radical changes in the mechanics of how these pages work (though this doesn't effect how they're displayed). I've been busy making the pages conform to the XHTML 1.0 Strict standard.

There are only a few pages (like the blog page) which haven't been converted yet and this is due to the additional complexity of these pages due to fact they're database driven!

Next year is going to see an upsize in the amount of content on this site.. Article, Images, Software etc, etc. For the first year of things have been just about testing the technology and seeing that it can work.. Next year, I plan to actually make it a site worth viewing.

I think in the forthcoming year i'll start to write tutorials in xhtml, sql and css. They're quite simple and self contained subjects that can be done in piece meal - I'll do some simply explantory cryptography hopefully too.. I'm not being too ambitious at this stage as these things tend to be more work then you first imagine..

User interaction is another thing I want to focus on.. Getting people to respond to blog posts and pictures Smile Emoticon I don't have all that many readers but that's okay Smile Emoticon

That's what I intend to do over 2004, hopefully i'll get through that list Mr Green Emoticon

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