Thursday, 01 January, 2004

Happy New Year Everyone

It's now 2004.. Had a crazy but an overall good night lastnight Emoticon: Smile

The pictures will be in the usual place by the time you read this.. What an end to a pretty busy year in my life! I said a year ago that 2003 was going to be a year of adventure. I think that prediction was pretty much spot on.. It's been a mad journey.. Highs, Lows, Laughter, Tears, Work, Play, Music, Friendship, alchol.. the list of words I can attribute to 2003 is rather long.

If last year was a year of adventure then this year is probably going to be a year of consolidation and expansion!

This bring me to my set of new years resolutions!

  1. Learn to drive and pass my test
  2. Get a numerical grasp of the general theory of relativity.
  3. Keep this blog running for another year (the start of this blog was last years resolution)
  4. Earn 100% of my bonus at work (this is a tough one)

There's enough there to be getting on with.. I think..

Most people would do a lengthy review of 2003 right about now but most of the guys that read this are part of the story anyway.. The last resolution would probably to keep the same faces in this story for another year Emoticon: Smile

I'll conclude with wishing all readers "Happy New Year" and I hope you enjoyed 2003.


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