Wednesday, 07 January, 2004

Well today was my last day at work where i've ran the IT dept. I'm a little sad to be relinquishing control but i'm also a little relieved.. I'm a coder at heart and there's alot of additional admin to distract attention from coding when you're running the thing on your own.

As always, stuff is going well.. I cleaned my room ( Shock Horror Emoticon: Idea) .. I've started sorting all my clothes that I recovered from my house in Liverpool.

I have tonnes of identical jeans Emoticon: Rolleyes and i've recovered some shirts that i haven't worn in a while. So i'm sure you'll see em in the pictures section in no time at all..

As far as this site goes, the port to SQL is nearly complete. Nearly finished my article on my foam rocket too.. I'm also contemplating dumping the Friends section.. either that or finishing it.. It's annoying that I haven't done anything on it in so long Emoticon: Razz

That's all i can be bothered to write about at the moment Emoticon: Razz Have fun Emoticon: Green Grin


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