Friday, 12 September, 2003

Well, i got bored with it again Emoticon: Razz So i’ve changed my style.. I like this one.. its very minimal..

I’ve just been the albion and haven’t drunk a drop of alcohol. That’s rather rare for me Emoticon: Razz. You see, i got absolutely plastered on wednesday and have felt ill all day.. Threw up a few times Emoticon: Sad. It sucked Emoticon: Sad

Today, i saw the place where the company i work for is moving too Emoticon: Smile It’s spacious and it’s going to be quite funny cabling it..

Looking forward to the weekend and seeing nads again on monday.. *mmm nadia*.. i’m also looking forward to taking a week off work Emoticon: Smile - it’s gonna cook

Anyway.. i’m tired so i’m going to be offski..


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