Saturday, 10 January, 2004

Well, i'm in the early planning stages of a trip to Dublin in March for Mel's Birthday Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon

This one looks like it's gonna come off too.. This all started when we decided to go to the airport to watch the planes (yes i'm that sad (you could argue mel is but i doubt she'd do it on her own! )) - Liverpool airport is good for trips to Dublin..

Besides - regardless of how sad I might now appear - the airport is less packed than the city center and we wanted to do something different Emoticon

Earlier that day we went Toys 'R' Us, i was looking for an X-Box steering wheel which i found but couldn't be arsed purchasing. F0x0r|an..

Next Monday is White Stripes day.. HORRAH! These next couple of weeks are gonna rule Emoticon

Take Care,


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