Thursday, 15 January, 2004

Hi everyone! It's been five days since I last posted and not much as gone on.. Emoticon There's bit and bobs at work but I don't really want to be discussing company business here..

First things first, i've release a new article in the Miscellaneous section.. It's the physics of my foam rocket that took an age to write.. Emoticon Read it, if you have a liking for basic A-level maths.

White Stripes on monday so expect some piccies on the site then and a lengthy article describing the concert.. Emoticon

Watched some crap program on a bisexual girl coming out lastnight.. it's so cliche and poo.. Yes, it's good to discover your sexuality but why a Channel 4 program on it? It's hardly controversial these days.

Got drunk and tried to fix Mel's PC but since she's missing most of the driver CDs we're a bit poofarmered Emoticon I'm downloading stuff for her tonight with the view of finishing the job tomorrow Emoticon

Ahhhh the weekend is nearly here.. i can't wait to sleep late into the morning on saturday.. MMMMMMMM bed Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon


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