Monday, 19 January, 2004

After the £120 charge for OneAndOne internet i've decided that Jindu server is back on Emoticon

I'll probably port the site into machine code in early feb because I need to build a stable code-base that handles the web-server sockets first..

You'll see how it works because i'll post the source-code on-line anyway under the GPL.

Life is going well Emoticon Got a white stripes concert tonight but alas I can't find my camera Emoticon I'll see if Mike will be kind enough to lend me his Emoticon..

The dublin trip is booked yayayayayyayaya I'm really looking forward to that and Mr So is after my money..

If you see one film this week I suggest run-away jury cause it cooks Emoticon

Anyways, i'm off so cheers for reading!


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