Sunday, 25 January, 2004

Well.. Once again, quite a while has elasped since I last wrote to the Blog..

First and foremost, I saw the "White Stripes" and they were well ace.. We got crushed to fuck though,which sucked Emoticon Unforunately, I wasn't able to take any snaps in there either.. due to the band not wanting photos taken. This annoyed me since i've paid £50 for a ticket Emoticon..

In other aspects of life, not much is going on.. Trying to drive a settlement with my landlord, hopefully my offer will avoid legal action taken on his part..

Contemplating getting a wireless LAN inside my house (which will probably go ahead next week sometime) and i'm still stewing over whether to get Project Gothem 2 or not. Probably not at the moment due to £40 cost. When it comes down, i'll probably purchase it. Emoticon

I'm currently reading a book on the number zero. It's a good book but the author has a weird writing style that makes it less readble than perhaps it should be.. I'll probably make a page that documents some of the key maths points in the book and post it. Emoticon

In site news, I've ordered a new book on networking in C#. That's to help with the coding for Jindu server (yes, that's still going ahead).. There's a lot to do on that topic and I'll probably document how I build this bitch on other parts of this site. Emoticon

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