Friday, 30 January, 2004

Well.. it's friday and what a damp cold day it is Sad Emoticon Tonight, I'm mean't to be going out with a couple of friends of mine.. That should be good if it comes off..

I got paid today! horray! It's nice to have some money again Emoticon Just got a final credit card bill to take care of and that's it Emoticon All done and dusted Emoticon

I got my book on network programing in C#.. It's a very good book and it's gonna make the Jindu project a damn site easier Emoticon While we're on that subject.. Jindu's going alright.. I'm using a threadpool to handle incoming connections. That is probably a bit silly due to the 25 thread limit in the framework and, as i understand it, threads are quite resource intensive to handle! Async sockets are probably the way forward..

I'll have a proper release for the middle of feb I think Emoticon Emoticon Anyway.. that's it for this installment Emoticon


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