Friday, 06 February, 2004

Well, i'm sat in mac donalds with de mel0n0x l33t0x r0x0rs ch|ckZ0R|an.. i'm wrestling with the fucking keyboard.. damn these things are stiff Emoticon.

This week i've got drunk twice (sunday and wednesday) I now plan to go to the pictures and get drunk again afterwards with the m3|0n0x tbh!

Now a paragraph from that mad ass herself!


I resent the use of the word "madass" to describe yours truly, as it would suggest that I am if the donkey variety and not quite right in the head, and i believe only one of those is right. I shall now retire to the public house with a view to becoming horizontal. Adieu.

anyway.. i bought wireless lan today and i got SQL server developers edition yesterday! SQL fucking cooks!!!!! Emoticon I'm preparing my next article.. The physics of flight! Watch this space! Emoticon


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