Wednesday, 11 February, 2004

I think in the last few days a burning question has set in.. Is the whole world as crap at relationships as I am?

On the surface of it, the answer is clearly no. There are plenty of couples with great partnerships forged out of the fires of mount doom.

However, in the world of the singles i think the answer is generally yes. So i present:

Axiom 22: - Finding a partner is difficult.

It's probably because love is to life, what division by zero is to mathematics; an indeterminate form. Just as you what division by zero means, but the answer isn't sensible. Love is senseless, which is probably why people strive for it.

I'd like to say i'm a cut above the rest in that respect but, ladies and gentleman, I still have testicles and so i am bound by the covenants of all men.

hrm.. I could pontificate on this issue all day but the fact of the matter is that i'm pissed off with the slowness of it all! Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon PAh!


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