Tuesday, 23 March, 2004

I haven't posted in a while.. I've had a lot on my plate with the organisation of Dublin and the initial stages of conversion the site to ASP.Net

Way back when when I was first considering moving to C#, one of the key selling points was Rapid Application Development -- the ability to engineer software quickly.. Like most things PR related, i thought it was a blend of shit and half-truth..

What i've realised is that on the most part, Microsoft was telling the truth.. I've engineered a piece of software in work in a day and a half that would have taken at least twice as long in traditional ASP.

What's more.. it's far more powerful than VB6.. VB6, well actually, the whole of the Visual Basic Line is essentially defunt these days. The syntax in VB.Net is still too lose.. A strongly typed doesn't lose flexability and you feel more secure in the quality of the code produced.

I suspect that's as much as anyone wants to hear on the benfits of C#.. Emoticon

I don't have any other non-geeky coments to make and probably wont till after Dublin.. hehe.. With that a bid you adieu..


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