Tuesday, 30 March, 2004

It's been a week since my last post.. I've been to Ireland with Mel... Photos coming up shortly... It ruled.. Ireland has a colourful history and people.. I'll go again in due time..

We flew there.. I love flying.. the thrust of acceleration as the engines on the aircraft power up for take off.. Nothing beats that rush.. Coming over the top of liverpool on the way home was cool too.. The two cathedrals, both of which are impressive from the ground, looked like miniature models. Seeing the structure from this perspective was quite an experience.

While we're on the subject of flight.. the physics of it all is quite interesting.. Let's just say the common description involving the Bernoulli Effect is incomplete.. The bigger effect is the change in momentum of the air flow.. That's why plane can fly upside down.. Bernoulli's effect doesn't account for that.

While in Ireland I bought a book on the Riemann Hypothesis. I've finished reading it and while it was entertaining it was not particularly detailed although it has inspired me to write an article on that topic which I expect will take a few weeks to write..

Oh yeah.. i formatted and lost everything because of the stupid "File and Settings restore wizard" Emoticon I hate Microsoft.


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