Sunday, 18 April, 2004

Well, the observant amongst you will have noticed the change in design of the site.. I think the site looks warmer in this set of colours..I thought the old blue kind of style looked a bit cold an uninviting.

I watched Fear and Loathing is Las Vagas lastnight. I'd seriously forgotten what a crazy film it is. So many comical moments crammed into so little time.. Just watching the guys do that amount of drugs makes your head hurt.. Great Film! Emoticon

Today is the the day the family finally meet Carl's girlfriend, Louisa. *finds the naked baby photos* Nah.. I wouldn't subject my brother to such torture..

In other news, I've ordered a highly regarded book on factoring algorithms.. I want to implement the SIQS (self-initialising quadratic sieve) in the next few months as my Pollard Rho implementation slows down pretty quickly after 25 digits or so. SIQS should be able to factor a number twice as big in around 5 minutes.


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