Sunday, 13 June, 2004

Well I haven't posted in a while but, in my defense, there's no point in posting when you don't want to. I've not really been in the mood the last month Emoticon

I've redesigned the site to something straightforward. I don't have the motivation to have a hard to maintain site. This layout is easily maintained and i've cut out alot of the dross and got back to basics.. Blog, Pictures and software. Easy work!

So what's happened in the last month? Not much is the answer. I have learn't quite a lot of interesting things but there quite complicated so I'm not gonna spew em out here. Been out to Garlands a few times had a lot of fun nights (pics on the pictures section).

All in all life's good at the moment.. I'm going to right a quick review of a book i've read for my next post!


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