Friday, 16 July, 2004

On a personal note, It was my 21st birthday yesterday. I had a good day overall - I think taking the day off work was the masterstroke. I'm off until tuesday which gives me some time to unwind and relax Emoticon

We went to Pizza Hut for a family meal where Nadia met the parents for the first time. Awkwardness aside, it was a good night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dave and I managed to demolish at giant pizza but my stomach paid the price later on. I tried to half-heartedly on the white wine but I lost my resolve early on due to the heavy night of drinking the night before.

You might have wondered what I've got for my birthday. For my main present I got the Feynman lectures on physics. I wanted this because I read the third volume in college. Feynman really is an excellent communicator and describes the physics in such a clear way. The rest of the lectures should be a mind expanding read. There is another reason why I bought these books. 21 is quite a mile-stone and thinking forward in time I thought that it might be good to have something that I could pass on in later life. If I'm blessed with children of my own someday then I hope that at least one of them budding scientist. Hopefully I can start an heirloom with this particular collection of books.

On Wednesday, I was presented with a big wad of cash from my colleagues. Since i'd been given all this cash and my sibilings didn't have any idea what to buy me they thought it'd be good to take me to the Trafford Centre so they could buy a present for me. I got a nice stripy top and bought an asortment of other clothes with the cash.

How does it feel to be 21? Well it feels just the same as being 20. When I turned 20 it was a tad depressing. The teenage years of my life is where most of my life had taken place and seeing it come to an end was like closing a massive chapter of my life. Twenty one is the start of a new chapter - an adult chapter - and there's plenty more adventure to be had in life. The nice thing is that the adventure has only just begun.

On that note I'll depart. Everyone who's coming to my party, I'll see you on Saturday! Prepare for some more pictures. hehe Emoticon


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