Wednesday, 01 September, 2004

A week or so ago I noticed a funny fault in Internet Explorer. Basically, when you type "" into the address bar it'd look for it in C:\ rather than sticking a http:// in front of it. It's clearly a bit of spyware that's done it that but how do you correct it? Well, it's fairly straight forward you just open up regedit and find the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\URL\DefaultPrefix\ then you change the default value from blank to "http://"

On a personal note, I got my contract through so I can resign tomorrow. There's a few mixed feelings about it all. Firstly, I'm thankful to EWC for giving the job in the first place secondly it's a huge change in my life. I'll be working in Manchester in a little under a month with a bunch of new people. It's quite terrifying really but at the the same time exciting. At any rate I feel like I've achieved something worth while! Emoticon: Green Smile

Finally, it's my brother's 24th Birthday today so I want to say "Happy Birthday Carl!". Take care!


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