Saturday, 02 October, 2004

Well this week has been a crucial week for my future in that i've left my old job for a new position in the Manchester area. I now work as a full time programer for a technology company - it's been my dream since I first started programming ten years ago and I've done it.

It's also been a sad week for precisely the same reason. I've done it - i've moved on and it is a bit heartbreaking really. I've left the place where I found Nadia over a year ago and the place I first started working at properly. I've left a lot of people who respected me behind for something new and most of them i'll probably only see once or twice again.

The leaving do was a non-event really. I'm not the most social of people that are just nothing like me. They reflected that by not taking time with me either! The few that stayed where cherished though and I had a good night with these people. I felt a little emotional towards though! Emoticon: Smile

It's not all doom and gloom though. My new job is cool and it's pretty much exactly what I want to be doing. I have a brand-new laptop and a couple of really nice colleagues. The commute is a bit of a pain but after a few weeks I should get used to it. At the moment I think I feel a bit lost in the heat of things at the moment and it's all just gonna take some getting used to!

The only thing that is really worrying me is losing Nadia. She's such a wonderful girl for me and I want to be with her for as long as she'll have me hehe Emoticon: Smile


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