Saturday, 13 November, 2004

Bit of a random collection of thoughts today.. Let's get started with things x-box related. Buy Halo 2 - it is probably the best game I have ever played. Older games like Quake seemed kind of forced in their enemy placement but this game is entirely different. It just flows seamlessly from section to section with the enemy leaping out from all sides. You gotta love shooting those covenant into little pieces Emoticon: Green Smile

On an entirely different subject, at work we run Cruizecontrol. Cruizecontrol is "a framework for a continuous build process." - it rebuilds the entire business' web application from source each time a new change is checked into our source code repository and can be configured to run unit tests too. If either the compliation or any of the unit tests fails it sends you an e-mail to tell you why it's broken. That's great and all but e-mail is so from the 90s and stuff. This geek, with far too much time on his hands, came up with this more modern solution.

Going off on yet another tangent, I'm contempating buying an iPod because the trips to work are pretty lengthy and it'd be cool to have a little iPod mini to listen to music on the way there and back. The only problem is that they cost quite a lot of money.. Emoticon: Sad I'd like to hear from anyone who has one and ask them if it's worth the money. The disadvantage of buying an iPod is that it would essentially mean i'd have to buy a car a month later than planned. So is a couple of months of bordom on the train worth getting a car a month earlier? That's really the crux of the decision.

Enjoy your weekend anyway guys Emoticon: Wink


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