Friday, 24 December, 2004

Well it's Christmas Eve. It's that time of year again where everybody gets shit-faced and reflects of the adventure or perhaps the misadventure of the year gone by. So this post, to some extent is a reflection on the events of this year.

Professionally, this has easily been the greatest year of my life to date. I'm now cemented in a programming position with good prospects and a good bunch of colleagues. I can now look forward with confidence to developing my career and taking it to ever greater heights. I figure that for twenty one, I'm not doing at all badly. I'd give myself nine out of ten for my efforts in that department.

Socially, well it's not been a great year. I've lost a number of valued friends all for their various reasons but I always keep in my mind the fact that life doesn't take prisioners; You can either cry over split milk or you can choose to forge ahead. Don't get me wrong, I will always remember the good times I shared with these people and I'll always keep them close to my heart but, for me at least, they now lie in my past. I've always thought that in life you're either moving forwards or moving backwards; You can either seize the future or long for the past. I personally believe that the future is bright and that better days are still ahead of me.

So what for 2005? Well 2003 was a year of Adventure and 2004 was really a year of Consolidation. I have no idea what 2005 will bring but the uncertain does not bring with it the fear it used to. The dark, ever twisting path of life should be confronted with confidence and not shyed away from in fear of what might be around the next corner. What ever 2005 throws at me I'll be prepared.

On that note, I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a alchol fuelled New Year.

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