Thursday, 02 October, 2003

I’ve not really posted here in a while because I haven’t really had anything productive to say Emoticon: Razz

I take the opinion that if you don’t have anything decent to say then do don’t bother speaking.. though often this is harder to do in practice! Emoticon: Green Wide Smile So now i’m wasting your time and my time and making this post.

What’s new in Simon’s world?

I have got a developed a semi-working version of the pollard’s rho factoring algorithm with the Brent optimisation. I’ve ordered Visual C# .Net Emoticon: Smile. I’ve been out to the Lisbon and i’m off to the GBar tonight. Tomorrow is Claire’s 21st. Oh yeah, I got paid too Emoticon: Green Wide Smile

My next post should be less about life and more topical.. i’m just finding a decent subject to write home about Emoticon: Smile

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