Thursday, 27 January, 2005

Well, it's official.. I'm going to France next weekend to a small city called Vannes. The trek is to meet up with a long-time internet friend, Tom St Denis. I've wanted to meet this particular dude for quite a while as I've known him since late 2000. It'll be a pleasure to share a beer with this dude.

In other, software related, news it has come to my attention that SQL Server 2005 Express will not come with Notification Services. This was a tremendous disappointment but when you sit down and think about it you realise they've got have something to sell in the full product.

Part of my master-plan for the release of the second version of .NET, which is due out at the end of the summer, was to build a PHPBB killer of sorts. Using the Notification Services in SQL Server 2005 it is be possible to invalidate sections of the cache when certain database operation occur like inserts or updates. You can very finely control what triggers the cache-invalidation and this makes any forum system built on top of the notification services far more scalable than any forumns currently out there on the market.

It looks like I'll have to get a cheap copy of the full SQL Server 2005 in order to even start on that project and all this has to take place in the context of buying a dedicated server (argh! Emoticon: Tounge Out). This additional cost is something that I just don't need; it really pisses on my bonfire.

On a related note, I'm slowly building a program that will walk you through how to solve the Rubik's cube from any position. The coding is going slow because I really don't have that much time to myself due to trains being late almost every day. Anyways, I have to go now as I have more stuff to arrange with regard to Paris..


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